12 Natural Sore Throat Remedies to Help Soothe the Pain


A sore throat is an annoying and painful condition.  It hurts every time you try to swallow anything. It could be the first sign of cold and flu or an indication of viral and bacterial infections. Every person gets sore throat in their life time at least for once. Especially, children get it more often than adults. It’s not a dangerous problem and you can cure this disease easily but if you leave this untreated, it can become as a big problem for you. There are many medicines available by which you can cure this disease like aspirin, Tylenol and one of anti-inflammatory drugs ibuprofen. Antibiotics may not cure this disease because sore throat infection is often caused by viral infection rather than bacterial infection. These are some symptoms and causes of sore throat



  •  pain and scratchy sensation in the throat
  •  pain in swallowing or in talking
  • swollen glands in your neck and jaw
  • red tonsils
  •  white patches or pus on you tonsils
  • hoarse voice


  • runny nose
  •  fever
  •  sneezing
  •  body ache
  • headache
  • vomiting
  • Cough


One of the best ways to treat any disease is by a natural treatment. Natural treatment is a very effective way and it did not give you any side effects at all. Instead of taking any medicines or drug, you can try homemade remedies which can alleviate the pain. There are many natural remedies by which you can cure this disease such as


 1. Gargle with warm salt water- Studies show that gargling with warm salt water can reduce the swelling of throat and loosen the mucus. If you repeat this process 2 times in a day, it will give you more effective results. Doctors generally advice to use only 1 tablespoon of salt in a cup of water. If the salty taste of the water is unpleasant for you, you can add 1/2 table spoon of honey in your gargling water for better taste. After gargling you have to spit out the water rather than swallowing.


     2. Apple cider vinegar- If you are suffering from bad cough, you should try apple cider vinegar because germs can’t survive in the acidic coating. Apple cider is known for its germs/ bacteria removing property and it removes bacteria very effectively. If you want to sooth your throat, you can add few drops of honey in it. You just need 1 glass on warm water, 1 tablespoon of salt and few drops of honey. Combine all these ingredients and gargle with it 3 times in a day. For more fast and effective results take ¼ tablespoon of honey and ¼ tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mix them both and take 1 table spoon of this mixture every after 4 hour.



    3. Garlic clove- Garlic is most effective ingredient than other. Garlic has been used to treat many problems since thousands of years. It is not only increase the taste of your food but it also fights against infections. Garlic has anti-biotic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. If you are suffering from stubborn sore throat, you should try this magical ingredient.  Garlic has a compound named allicin which helps in removing bacteria from your throat. Cut a garlic clove in a 2 pieces and place it in your check. You can directly suck it like a cough drop or you can chew it to release allicin to remove bacteria from your throat.


4. Turmeric- Turmeric is a common spice which is easily found in every Indian house hold. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory, anti- bacteria, anti-oxidant and anti-septic properties which can give you relief from sore throat. Its roots also have several essential oils which can heal your problems easily apart from sore throat. Turmeric works against a sore throat by inhibiting the inflammation. Using this can give you relief from itching, swelling and pain. There are many ways by which you can take its benefits like you can add this in your tea, milk, soup and you can also add this in your gargling water. For gargling water you just have to take 1 glass of warm water, 1/2 spoon of salt and 1/4 amount of turmeric and mix them well. Gargle with this twice in a day to cure sore throat.



   5. Ginger- Ginger has a spicy flavor and people are already using this ingredient to enhance the taste of their food. Ginger is not only enhancing the taste but it can give you many health benefits. Again it’s a powerful remedy to treat sore throat. It helps to flush out toxins from your body, boosts your blood circulation and speed up the healing process. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties which usually work to remove bacteria. This is effectively treat cold because cold and sore throat usually ( no need of are)come together. Apart from these you can drink ginger tea to take its benefits.


6. Peppermint- Peppermint is always known for its ability to freshen breath. The main active compound in peppermint is menthol. Peppermint you relief from sore throat and you can use this oil in sprays. Peppermint has anti-inflammatory, anti- viral and anti-bacterial properties which can increase the healing process. Taking peppermint may help you to cure your infected organs which can cause sore throat. Studies show that taking peppermint treatment for three days continuously can remove this problem completely.


    7. Honey- Honey is a natural and useful ingredient and you can use this to treat various problems of yours. Honey has been used to treat many problems since thousands of whether it is skin problem, weight gaining etc. honey works like a wonder when it comes to treat sore throat also. Honey has anti- bacterial property and this has the quality to remove discomfort and swelling. You can use honey in many ways like if you want you can mix this with warm water, tea and lemon with warm water. Take 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 glass of warm water mix them both and drink this every morning on an empty stomach.




     8. Coconut oil- Coconut oil is an amazing ingredient and has many health benefits. Coconut oil may help you to reduce inflammation and fights with infection. Coconut oil makes the mucous membranes slippery in your sore throat. There are many ways by which you can take this oil to treat your sore throat. You can add 1 tablespoon coconut oil in your tea, coffee or if you want you can directly take in by your mouth and allow it to melt down in your throat.


     9 Cinnamon- Cinnamon is a spicy ingredient but still it can give you relief from sore throat. Cinnamon has antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties. According to studies it is a traditional remedy to treat cold, flu and surprisingly you can see this ingredient in Chinese medicines who treat cold sores. (change it )To get its benefits you have to grind cinnamon, baking soda first. After that add 1 cup almond milk, cinnamon/baking soda powder and honey.



     10. Herbal tea- There are many options available to treat sore throat but drinking herbal tea is very beneficial idea. Chamomile, Echinacea, lavender, peppermint and ginger tea these all have anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties.  Peppermint relives upper repertory congestion by improving lung function and it increases the ability to breathe through your nose.


     11. Hot fluids- Taking anything fairly hot can give you steaming effect on your throat and it is also good for your health. Taking hot tea, coffee, water with salt can soothe your sore throat very effectively. But you have to be careful when you are giving this to kids. Ensure that it is not too hot because it can burn their mouth and throat.



12. 12. Ice cubes- Sucking ice cubes can give you relief from sore throat and it gives you cooling effect. Ice cubes can ease your pain and inflammation. When the ice cubes melt it makes you hydrate which can also remove congestion and keep the throat moist.

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